Los Angeles woman held in Russia has court hearing this week

Chris Van Heerden was nervous about his girlfriend traveling back to Russia to see the family she missed so much. “I thought it might be dangerous for her to go, with everything going on with the war in Ukraine, but she reassured me that she was Russian and that everything would be fine,” said Van … Read more

Japanese islands close to China confront the prospect of war

ISHIGAKI, Japan —  At the first blare of air raid sirens, the people milling about in a grassy park barely stirred. Five-year-old Tae Sano clung to her mother’s hand. Some of the people around her, all wearing bright-yellow bibs, took a few uncertain steps. But the only real urgency came from a man in a blue … Read more

Le promoteur égyptien de Travis Scott dénonce les “faux” rapports sur un concert pyramidal

Live Nation Middle East a insisté mardi sur le fait qu’”aucun changement” n’avait été apporté au prochain concert de Travis Scott aux pyramides égyptiennes, malgré les informations selon lesquelles les autorités du pays auraient révoqué le permis de la star du hip-hop de s’y produire. “Il n’y a eu aucun changement dans le spectacle de … Read more

Les critiques cinéma locales de la semaine en France

Les critiques cinéma locales de la semaine en France Chaque semaine, les cinéphiles français ont l’occasion de découvrir de nouveaux films et de se plonger dans le monde fascinant du septième art. Les critiques cinéma locales jouent un rôle essentiel dans ce processus, en examinant minutieusement chaque film et en partageant leurs impressions avec le … Read more

California’s Julie Su up for Labor secretary confirmation again

WASHINGTON —  The Senate Labor Committee will vote again Tuesday on whether to advance Julie Su’s nomination to lead the Labor Department, though it’s unclear whether anything has changed since her bid for the job languished last year amid fierce GOP opposition and a handful of Democratic holdouts. Su, who was previously California’s labor chief, was … Read more

A bioethicist explores the moral questions of Alabama’s IVF ruling

Is a frozen embryo a child? The Alabama Supreme Court says yes. In ruling this month that three couples who lost frozen embryos in a storage facility accident could sue for wrongful death of a minor child, the court wrote that the “natural, ordinary, commonly understood meaning” of the word “child” includes an “unborn child” … Read more

Meurtre de Tupac Shakur : la police perquisitionne une maison dans la région de Las Vegas

La police du métro de Las Vegas a fouillé une maison de la banlieue de Las Vegas en lien avec le meurtre non résolu de Tupac Shakur il y a 27 ans, ont annoncé les autorités. “LVMPD peut confirmer qu’un mandat de perquisition a été signifié à Henderson, Nevada le 17 juillet 2023 dans le … Read more

What Nikki Haley is revealing about Trump and Republicans

Celebrating his victory in the South Carolina primary Saturday, Donald Trump declared, “I have never seen the Republican Party so unified as it is right now.” It was an indisputable victory for Trump, particularly given that it was in the home state of his last remaining rival for the nomination, Nikki Haley, a twice-elected, popular … Read more

FTC sues to block merger of Ralphs owner Kroger, Vons owner Albertsons

The Federal Trade Commission said it is suing to block supermarket giant Kroger’s bid to buy its smaller rival Albertsons because the combination would obliterate competition between the major grocers, leading to higher prices and lower-quality products for millions of Americans. The regulatory agency said Monday that it authorized filing of a federal lawsuit that … Read more

FBI analyst describes damage to Alec Baldwin’s ‘Rust’ gun in Hannah Gutierrez trial

New Mexico prosecutors attempting to prove that Alec Baldwin was criminally negligent in the fatal shooting of the “Rust” movie cinematographer must grapple with a complicating piece of evidence: a damaged gun. Baldwin has long maintained that he did not pull the trigger of his prop gun — a Colt .45 revolver — on Oct. … Read more