Shehbaz Sharif becomes Pakistan’s premier; opponents claim rigging

ISLAMABAD —  Lawmakers in Pakistan’s National Assembly on Sunday elected Shehbaz Sharif as the country’s new prime minister for the second time as allies of imprisoned former premier Imran Khan in parliament shouted in protest, alleging rigging in last month’s election. Khan is currently serving prison terms in multiple cases and has been barred from seeking … Read more

Les films français les mieux notés par la presse locale cette semaine

Les films français les mieux notés par la presse locale cette semaine Chaque semaine, la presse locale française attribue des notes aux films qui sortent sur nos écrans. Cette semaine, certains films français ont réussi à se démarquer et ont obtenu d’excellentes critiques de la part des journalistes. Le premier film qui a su charmer … Read more

Katie Porter is running out of time in Senate race, falling behind Steve Garvey

Rep. Katie Porter, famed among Democrats for grilling powerful corporate barons and right-wing ideologues testifying before Congress, faces a serious risk of falling short in Tuesday’s California primary election, which would bring an end to her bid to win the late Dianne Feinstein’s Senate seat in the fall general election. Along with a once-formidable campaign … Read more

Thousands of Pro-Palestinians march through downtown Los Angeles calling for cease fire in Gaza

Thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators marched through downtown Los Angeles on Saturday as part of a worldwide day of action calling for an end to the Israel-Hamas war. Waving Palestinian flags and banners, the demonstrators rallied outside City Hall about 1 p.m. before beginning a slow march down Broadway chanting and carrying signs that said, “Stop … Read more

Putin foe Alexei Navalny buried in Russia under heavy police presence

Under a heavy police presence, thousands of people bade farewell Friday to Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny at his funeral in Moscow after his still-unexplained death two weeks ago in an Arctic penal colony. The crowds who thronged to honor Navalny outside a church and cemetery in a snowy southeastern suburb of the capital chanted … Read more

Amid a labor shortage, Japan has made it even harder for refugees to stay

TOKYO —  Iranian asylum seeker Afshin had hoped he’d be spending the final decades of his career contributing to a Japanese economy desperate for workers. Instead, the former construction worker has been sidelined from Japan’s shrinking labor force while battling immigration officials. He has endured years of detention. At one point, he said he was saved … Read more

Oil spill from sunk cargo ship show risks to Red Sea from Houthi attacks

MIAMI —  A vibrant fishing industry, some of the world’s largest coral reefs, desalination plants supplying millions with drinking water. They’re all at risk from large amounts of fertilizer and oil spilled into the Red Sea by the sinking of a cargo ship attacked by Yemen’s Houthi rebels. Officials on Saturday said the M/V Rubymar, a … Read more

Ukraine rationing ammunition. Yet House Republicans take weeks to mull aid

WASHINGTON —  Ukrainian drones fly without ammunition. Russian artillery unleash deadly volleys from safe positions beyond the range of Kyiv’s troops. Shortages of ammo and supplies are resulting in lost ground to Moscow, U.S. congressional leaders warn, yet the Republican-controlled House has shown little hurry to resupply Ukraine with military aid. Across Washington, officials are viewing … Read more

Texas Atty. Gen. Paxton beat impeachment; now he wants revenge

AUSTIN, Texas —  Texas Atty. Gen. Ken Paxton beat impeachment. On Super Tuesday, he wants political revenge. The Republican, who just six months ago was on the brink of removal from office, is charging into Texas’ primaries on a dramatic campaign to oust dozens in his own party. They include rank-and-file legislators, state judges and one … Read more

9th Circuit rejects challenge to Arizona copper mine; Apache vow to appeal

A heavily divided panel of federal judges Friday rejected an Apache religious challenge to the construction of a massive copper mine on Oak Flat, a stretch of land in Arizona that tribe members consider sacred and irreplaceable. The tribe members, who go by the name Apache Stronghold, denounced the ruling in the closely watched case … Read more