Calmes: I watched a Trump rally so you don’t have to. But you need to know what he’s saying

Donald Trump famously benefited from billions in free media in his 2016 campaign — way too much, as some in the business later conceded. Back then he was a ratings monster; cable TV networks covered his rallies start to finish as millions of Americans tuned in out of horror or glee at his shameless shtick: … Read more

Alabama judges say embryos are people. Blame the U.S. Supreme Court

The Alabama Supreme Court’s breathtakingly arrogant, slapdash and pernicious opinion conferring personhood on newly formed embryos vividly illustrates the consequences of another reckless decision: the U.S. Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe vs. Wade. The Alabama court held last week that fertilized ova cryogenically preserved for couples having difficulty conceiving are legally and morally equivalent to … Read more

 The antisemitic cartoon roiling Harvard caused ’60s firestorm

When the Harvard Palestine Solidarity Committee and the Harvard African and African American Resistance Organization put together an infographic for Instagram, their goal was to showcase the historic connections between the Black and Palestinian liberation movements. They gathered old images of Black activists who had been vocal advocates of the Palestinian cause, including Angela Davis … Read more

Meurtre de Tupac: Vegas PD saisit des cartouches de balles, l’ordinateur d’un membre du gang qui dit qu’il était dans la voiture du tireur

Dans le cadre de l’enquête récemment relancée sur le meurtre de Tupac Shakur, la police de Las Vegas a saisi cette semaine des cartouches de calibre .40, des ordinateurs, des photos et d’autres documents au domicile d’un membre d’un gang qui a déclaré qu’il se trouvait dans la voiture d’où une fusillade mortelle a été … Read more

‘Rust’ trial opening statements: Opposing portraits of Hannah Gutierrez

Santa Fe, New Mexico —  On the opening day of “Rust” armorer Hannah Gutierrez’s criminal trial, opposing attorneys painted two dramatically different portraits of the embattled 26-year-old weapons handler. Gutierrez could spend up to three years in prison if convicted of involuntary manslaughter and evidence tampering after the October 2021 accidental shooting death of cinematographer Halyna … Read more

Hydeia Broadbent, HIV/AIDS activist who bonded with Magic Johnson, dies

Hydeia Broadbent started speaking publicly about her experiences as someone with HIV/AIDS when she was a young child. “I want people to know that we’re just normal people,” a 7-year-old Broadbent told Magic Johnson during a Nickelodeon news special that aired in March 1992, four months after the Lakers superstar announced he was retiring from … Read more

Les critiques de films les plus pertinentes de la semaine

Les critiques de films les plus pertinentes de la semaine Chaque semaine, de nombreux films sortent dans les salles de cinéma, offrant ainsi aux spectateurs une grande variété de choix. Mais comment savoir lesquels valent vraiment la peine d’être vus ? C’est là que les critiques de films entrent en jeu. Elles donnent un aperçu … Read more

Biden signs executive order boosting cybersecurity at ports

WASHINGTON —  President Biden signed an executive order Wednesday that creates new rules to shore up security at American ports — and commits $20 billion to replace Chinese-made cranes that U.S. officials worry could be vulnerable to hacking and remote control. The executive order empowers the U.S. Coast Guard to respond to cybersecurity incidents at ports, … Read more

Biden announces $1.2 billion in student debt forgiveness

President Biden announced the cancellation Wednesday of $1.2 billion in student loan debt for more than 150,000 borrowers, saying the relief will allow them to buy homes, start families and otherwise benefit the economy. “Folks, I’m happy to have been able to forgive these loans because when we … relieve Americans of student debt, they … Read more