Russia holds L.A. resident, a dual citizen, on treason charges

Ksenia Karelina had left Los Angeles around the New Year on a flight to Moscow via Istanbul. She was excited to see her younger sister, parents and grandmother in Yekaterinburg, the city east of the Ural Mountains in Russia that she had left more than a decade ago to start a new life in America. … Read more

Bedbugs check in to some popular Las Vegas Strip hotels

What happens in Las Vegas doesn’t always stay in Las Vegas. That applies to bedbugs that may hitch a ride with you back to your home. At least four guests staying in popular hotels on the Las Vegas Strip encountered the pests in their rooms between September and January, according to Las Vegas-based KLAS-TV, which … Read more

Is widow Yulia Navalnaya the new face of Russian opposition?

Yulia, Moscow-born and an economist by training, married Alexei in 2000, and the couple has a daughter, Daria, who reportedly attended California’s Stanford University, and son, Zakhar. Throughout Navalny’s bold and dramatic political career, his wife stayed largely in the background, shunning the spotlight and deferring to her husband. Her main mission, she said, was … Read more

Supreme Court turns down rent control challenge

WASHINGTON —  The Supreme Court on Tuesday turned down a major property-rights challenge to rent control laws in New York City and elsewhere that give tenants a right to stay for many years in an apartment with a below-market cost. A group of New York landlords had sued, contending the combination of rent regulation and long-term … Read more

Les passagers de Las Vegas Delta Airline coincés dans la cabine pendant des heures sous une chaleur de plus de 100 degrés

Lorsque Derek Clark a pris place pour la première fois sur le vol Delta 555 de Las Vegas à Atlanta lundi, il a remarqué que la cabine était bien au chaud. Les températures extérieures étaient à trois chiffres cet après-midi-là, car une vague de chaleur prolongée et record a étouffé une grande partie du sud-ouest. … Read more

Biden is in L.A. for fundraiser at Israel supporter’s home

President Biden is scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles today for a campaign fundraiser at the home of Israeli American media mogul Haim Saban, possibly setting off protests over the U.S. role in Israel’s war against Hamas. Tension has been mounting within the Democratic Party over Biden’s support for Israel as it bombards the Gaza … Read more

Les films à ne pas manquer selon les critiques de la semaine

Les films à ne pas manquer selon les critiques de la semaine Chaque semaine, les critiques de cinéma ont pour mission de visionner et d’analyser les dernières sorties cinématographiques. Leur objectif est de conseiller et d’orienter les spectateurs vers les meilleurs films à voir. Cette semaine, ils ont dévoilé les films à ne pas manquer. … Read more

Le lauréat du prix Nobel de Caltech Rudy Marcus fête ses 100 ans puis retourne au travail

Supposons que vous vous êtes réveillé le matin de votre 100e anniversaire avec le summum de la reconnaissance dans le domaine que vous avez choisi et le chaleureux respect de la famille, des amis et des collègues. Comment célébrer la journée à venir? “Travail”, a plaisanté le professeur de chimie de Caltech Rudy Marcus lors … Read more

Opinion: No, Donald Trump does not equal Alexei Navalny

Alexei Navalny didn’t simply die. He wasn’t just murdered. He was tortured to death. It didn’t happen on the rack or mid-beating, but Vladimir Putin — who had tried to eliminate him earlier — slowly killed Navalny all the same. Putin sent the Russian dissident and anti-corruption activist to the gulag with the aim of … Read more

Opinion: Blocking Ukraine aid is no way to put America dirst

For Presidents Day, the House is taking two weeks off. But first the Republicans who misrule the place honored their favorite president by blocking desperately needed aid for Ukraine — just as Donald Trump demanded. That fealty to the former president, and the resulting gift to Ukraine’s Russian invaders, was a terrible look even before … Read more