How the Supreme Court should rule on social media cases

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments Monday in two cases that could have a profound effect on the future of the internet and social media. The cases — NetChoice vs. Paxton and Moody vs. NetChoice — involve laws in Texas and Florida that prohibit social media companies from removing content from their platforms, clearly violating … Read more

Column: Trump’s tariff plan would amount to a huge tax hike

WASHINGTON —  If Donald Trump becomes president again, one of his first moves will take money out of your pocket just as a tax hike would. Trump hasn’t outlined much of an economic program, but he has promised to impose a massive increase in tariffs on imports from almost all foreign countries — everything from bananas … Read more

Opinion: After Dobbs, Republicans promised to redefine ‘pro-life.’ How’s that working out?

It’s not yet spring, but think ahead to June. Kids will be out of school, and we’ll mark the second anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, which ended guaranteed access to abortion nationwide. Those two facts — kids on vacation and post-Dobbs realities — may seem unconnected. But there is a link, and it’s … Read more

Supreme Court hears 1st Amendment clash on regulating social media

WASHINGTON —  The Supreme Court will consider Monday whether Florida and Texas can regulate social media to protect “conservative speech,” or instead whether Facebook, You Tube, TikTok and others have a free-speech right to decide what appears on their sites. This 1st Amendment clash also features a dispute over how to characterize these popular and profitable … Read more

Researchers warn of a catastrophic collapse of ocean current

Scientists are sounding the alarm that a crucial component of the planet’s climate system is in gradual decline and could one day reach a tipping point that would radically alter global weather patterns. The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, or AMOC, is a system of ocean currents that circulate water in the Atlantic Ocean like a … Read more

Comment les villes en croissance et l’influence latino ont rendu le Nouveau-Mexique bleu

Albuquerque- Pendant cinq longues semaines, la Maison Blanche a été en jeu alors que la campagne présidentielle la plus proche et la plus exténuante de l’histoire s’est poursuivie en prolongation. Tout s’est déroulé en Floride, où le républicain George W. Bush a finalement été déclaré vainqueur par décret de la Cour suprême. La marge officielle … Read more

Why did more migrants enter California and fewer in Texas?

WASHINGTON —  A new pattern emerged along the nation’s southern border last month: Migrant arrests plummeted at the Texas border in January compared to the same month a year ago. At the same time, similar arrests soared year-over-year at entry points in California and Arizona. Experts say a combination of factors is likely causing the shift, … Read more

Les films préférés des critiques de la semaine

Les films préférés des critiques de la semaine Chaque semaine, les critiques de cinéma ont la lourde tâche de visionner de nombreux films et de partager leurs avis objectifs avec le public. Parmi ces films, certains parviennent à se démarquer et à conquérir le cœur des critiques. Voici un aperçu des films préférés des critiques … Read more

Palestinian friends with family trapped in Gaza united by anguish

RAMALLAH, WEST BANK  —  Since the war began, two friends have spent most evenings holed up at the Ramallah television studio where one of them works. They remain long after the nightly news has taped and most of the staff has departed, chain smoking cigarettes and talking about the only thing that matters: Gaza. Both … Read more

What is driving the spread of avian flu?

An “apocalyptic” mass mortality event that has left thousands of sea lions and sea elephants dead on the beaches of South America is raising alarms among some California sea mammal experts who fear similar scenes could play out along California’s Pacific Coast and other continents as the H5N1 bird flu continues its march across the … Read more