Un garçon décédé sur le submersible Titan a pris le cube Rubik dans une quête record du monde, dit sa mère

La mère du jeune homme de 19 ans décédé à bord du Titanic a déclaré qu’elle et son mari avaient prévu de faire un voyage au fond de l’océan pour voir l’épave du Titanic. Mais Suleiman Daoud “voulait vraiment y aller”. Christine Dowd a déclaré à la BBC qu’elle était “soutenue” de partir en voyage … Read more

Interdiction du film “Barbie” au Vietnam et conflit avec la Chine

Le prochain film “Barbie” a été interdit au Vietnam. Et cela n’a rien à voir avec l’utilisation excessive de rose dans le film ou le bronzage en spray Ken-doll de Ryan Gosling (ou autobronzant?). Warner Bros.’ Le film d’été très attendu a franchi une ligne en traçant une ligne – la controversée “ligne en neuf … Read more

Need a U.S. passport? Try Brentwood post office’s passport fair

It’s never too early for travelers to prepare for their 2024 spring and summer trips, even though the national backlog on passport processing has lessened. And there’s one U.S. Postal Service site in Los Angeles that wants to help travelers with their passport applications. The Barrington post office in Brentwood is hosting a passport fair … Read more

Hiltzik: The myth of generational warfare

Whether it’s because the current partisan environment has us fixated on age in America, or because everyone is seeking an explanation for Americans’ discontent with a growing economy, or for some other reason, an old yarn about a generational war in the country has been making the rounds lately. Over just the last four weeks, … Read more

La Chine se tourne vers les stands de nourriture pour stimuler l’emploi et les dépenses

Taipei, Taiwan – Enfant, Lee Lazy est allé travailler avec ses parents, faisant le guet pendant qu’ils vendaient des petits pains cuits à la vapeur dans la rue. Son travail consistait à crier un avertissement s’il le voyait Chengguan, ou les responsables de la gestion urbaine, qui peuvent leur infliger des amendes pour avoir gardé … Read more

Two strangers — a Palestinian and an Israeli — tell the story of a region’s pain

JERUSALEM — The two men have never met — they come from different worlds in this troubled land — but they share in war’s misery. Bassam Alzaarir is a Palestinian shepherd living with his family in a narrow valley of the West Bank, where on many nights Jewish settlers descend from hilltops, jamming rifles in … Read more

Sandra Day O’Connor, first woman on Supreme Court, has died

Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman to ascend to the high court and its most influential jurist for much of her 24-year tenure, has died. O’Connor announced in 2018 that she had been diagnosed with the early stages of dementia. She died Friday morning in Phoenix, the court announced. She was … Read more

Prisoner-for-hostage swaps shine light on incarcerated Palestinian minors

JERUSALEM —  As he waited for word on whether his 14-year-old son, Ahmad, would be released in the prisoner-for-hostage exchanges between Israel and Hamas, Nawaf Salaymah entered an East Jerusalem courtroom earlier this week and tried to put another son, Ayham, 13, behind bars. “I don’t want another postponement,” Salaymah said. “If Ayham goes in now, … Read more

With truce breakdown in Israel-Hamas war, bombing resumes

TEL AVIV — It was, it seemed, the way of this war. As America’s top diplomat, Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken, flew out of Tel Aviv on Friday morning, having repeatedly expressed hopes that Israel’s fragile seven-day truce with the militant group Hamas would continue, the bombs began falling once again. The last week … Read more

After Israel-Hamas war ends, two-state solution will face head winds

TEL AVIV —  When the Israel-Hamas war ends, the larger, decades-old issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will remain festering, and, in the opinion of many, essential to resolve unless the cycle of death and destruction is to be repeated eternally. Within the Biden administration, and among European allies and throughout the Arab world, the answer is … Read more