Biden claims he’s not trying to win the nation’s first primary. The truth is more complicated

WASHINGTON —  President Biden has foregone campaigning in New Hampshire’s Democratic primary, but top Democrats’ actions in recent weeks — and Biden’s planned visit to neighboring Boston Tuesday — suggest he is still eager to avoid embarrassment in what’s traditionally been the country’s first presidential nominating contest. Biden will not appear on the ballot in New … Read more

Opinion: Does Biden benefit if foreign policy dominates the 2024 campaign?

Conventional wisdom suggests Americans know little about foreign policy and care about it even less. Opinion polls regularly show that international issues take a back seat to topics more prosaic (economics, education) or provocative (culture wars, gun control). Next year’s presidential election, however, might be a bit different. Continued international crises could focus attention on … Read more

Column: Is Biden in trouble with Democrats over war in Gaza? Maybe not

WASHINGTON —  When Israel pounded Gaza with airstrikes after Hamas launched its Oct. 7 attack, it opened a dramatic divide among Democrats over a war that has claimed thousands of civilian lives. Progressive activists staged protests across the country, demanded an immediate ceasefire and accused President Biden of complicity in genocide. A handful of Democrats in … Read more

Tickets approach $1 million for first Biden Hollywood fundraiser since end of strikes

Next week’s Hollywood fundraiser for President Biden, his first in-person soiree here since the end of the entertainment-industry strikes dried up the traditional wellspring of campaign money, is expected to draw big-names donors spending as much as nearly $930,000 each in support of the Democratic leader’s bid for reelection. Biden, First Lady Jill Biden and … Read more

La remise de prêt étudiant de Biden rejetée par la Cour suprême

Washington – Vendredi, la Cour suprême a rejeté le plan du président Biden d’annuler des millions de prêts étudiants, jugeant que le chef de l’exécutif du pays n’a pas le pouvoir légal d’annuler plus de 400 milliards de dollars dus au gouvernement. L’administration Biden a invoqué le droit d’annuler les prêts dans le cadre de … Read more

Opinion: President Biden just celebrated his birthday. So should voters

Earlier this week, President Biden celebrated his 81st birthday. He jocularly pardoned a couple of Thanksgiving turkeys on the White House lawn. Later, on Instagram, he joked about turning 146, and on Threads, he posted a photo of himself sitting with a blazing cake. “To the workers at the birthday candle factory,” he wrote, “I … Read more

Can Kamala Harris bail out Biden with young voters in 2024 election? Democrats hope so

WASHINGTON —  Vice President Kamala Harris prefers Gen Z to Millennials. “I love Gen Z,” she told a crowd of donors at the Ritz-Carlton in Boston this month while reflecting on her “Fight for Our Freedoms” college tour, which took her to campuses across eight states in September and October. The threats of gun violence, climate … Read more

Column: Xi, Biden took easy steps. Big problems will be harder

WASHINGTON —  In a world beset by wars in Gaza and Ukraine, it’s good news when two superpowers step back from frictions that increased the danger of another war in Asia. That’s what happened last week when President Biden met with China’s Xi Jinping at a country estate in the ridges west of Silicon Valley. The … Read more

Biden and Xi, in California, promise to work to avoid conflict

WASHINGTON —  Breaking a yearlong silence, President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping met in Silicon Valley on Wednesday and vowed to work to prevent tensions between the two superpowers from leading to war. “For two large countries like China and the United States, turning their back on each other is not an option,” Xi told … Read more