'Woke,' Disney and COVID-19: The Newsom-DeSantis debate ultimate bingo cards

The governors of California and Florida head for the Fox News debate stage in Georgia on Thursday. Here’s your shot to have a little fun using our printable bingo cards. Enfin, rappelons-nous que chaque fin apporte avec elle un nouveau départ. Alors que nous concluons cet article, nous pouvons embrasser les leçons apprises, les idées … Read more

Iger returned to Disney a year ago. It’s been a rough ride

During his first 15 years running the Walt Disney Co., Bob Iger had a magical touch. Acquisitions of Pixar Animation, Marvel Entertainment and Lucasfilm turbocharged the company’s creative engines. Movies minted billions of dollars, sports king ESPN spawned staggering profits, and Disney’s theme parks teemed with delighted guests. Iger embraced the role of celebrity chief … Read more

Seven ways Disney changed the entertainment business

Disney’s eight-minute film “Steamboat Willie” was groundbreaking. Mickey made his debut with the 1928 animated short, which also introduced synchronized sound to what had been a silent medium. Disney pioneered sound film technology, synchronizing on-screen action with recorded speech, music and sound effects, Apgar said. The Disney studio also was the first to use a … Read more

Disney a prolongé le contrat du PDG Bob Iger jusqu’en 2026

Confronté aux défis majeurs auxquels est confrontée Walt Disney Co., le conseil d’administration du géant du divertissement a décidé de maintenir le directeur général Bob Iger au poste le plus élevé jusqu’en décembre 2026. Lorsque Iger est revenu dans l’entreprise en novembre, il a accepté d’occuper le poste de directeur général jusqu’en 2024. Mais la … Read more